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Narrative Description of Activities

I am Beautiful Women’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was legally formed in the State of Georgia.  Our organization’s goal is to raise funds which we will use to offset the cost of treatments for individuals who are suffering severe hair loss as a result of a medical condition to include genetic alopecia and fire or chemical burns and for the purchase of cranial hair prostheses.  We will also be working to educate the public about hair loss, prevention and the effects it has on love ones.  Through our programs we hope to help as many individuals as possible with the resources we have available.

At this time the major focus of our organization is to provide financial support to women and young girls who are suffering from hair loss as a result of a medical condition to include genetic alopecia.  We will be raising money by collecting donations as well as by holding a variety of different fundraising events.  The funds we raise will be used to cover expense of scalp and hair treatments, which are often viewed as cosmetic and as a result not covered by insurance. 

In an effort to identify qualified applicants, our organization will be working with trained hair stylist, trichologists and other professionals who work with or specialize in hair loss.  These individuals will help to recommend individuals that may be in need of our organization’s services.  All individuals that have been recommended to our organization will be asked to fill out an application or proposal describing their medical history and current condition.  This will include photos of their scalp and a letter from a trained professional verifying their diagnosis.  Upon collecting all necessary information we will schedule an interview with the individual to help select our recipients.  We will also be consulting with trichologists and medical doctors specializing in hair loss, to explore different treatment options that would be available to each of the applicants. 

Our organizations Board of Directors will be responsible for the selecting the individual we are able to offer our support to.  We will be factoring in each individual’s financial need, as well as the specific medical need, cost of required procedures and the organization’s available funds when making our decisions as to which individual we will be able to support and the amount of support we are able to offer.  We would like to eventually reach a point where we have the resources to help each of the families and individuals that are recommended to our organization with their financial hardship created by medical bills.

Once our organization has selected an individual to help we will be paying for the needed services directly on the individual’s or family’s behalf.  No one that receives support from our organization will be receiving cash or any other direct contribution from our organization. This support can be used to cover treatment from dermatologists, trichologists, or salons for expenses related to their treatment that is not covered by their current insurance provided.  All individuals receiving support from our organization will be able to select where they receive services, although it must be from a licensed and trained professional.

In additional to providing support to individuals who have experienced hair loss we will also be offering a training program designed to teach hair stylist and other professionals how to properly identify medically related hair loss.  This will be done through a 2 day training program that will cover topics that include, but are not limited to, identifying hair loss, causes of hair loss, treating hair loss and preventing hair loss.  This program will be lead by local experts who will be volunteering their time. 

The final aspect of our organization programs and services will be working to educate the community and raise awareness of medically related hair loss.  We will do this by participating in and conducted local health fairs and other events.  We will also be organizing an annual national telethon, featuring guest speakers with expertise in the field of hair loss, to raise funds for our programs and increase national awareness.

In the future as our organization grows, we will be working to expand our current programs and services, while also developing new programs and services to better serve our target population.  As a nonprofit organization we are committed to continually offering the highest quality programs and services possible with the resources we have available.  Through our programs we hope to help as many individuals as possible with the resources we have available.  

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I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp


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